Dog Grooming West London

A new and local dog grooming service committed to ensuring the perfect groom for your pet.

Dog Grooming Service

City & Guilds trained groomer offering maintenance grooms for your dog.

Portobello Paws full maintenance grooms includes a health check, pre-groom brush, a bath in organic, natural products for your pet’s needs, and a conditioner / detangle product if required.

A full blow dry and full body styling, including paw tidy, sanitary area clipped, ears and eyes cleaned using carefully sourced products and a nail clip. As standard paw wax is applied and a final spritz of cologne complete the look and smell, ensuring your pet is happy and and looking good.

We adhere to the “Five Welfare Needs” that come under the “Animal Welfare Act 2006”. Therefore, we will not put a heavily matted dog through a painful de-matt.

Prices start from £25.00 and vary according to dog size and coat condition.

Puppy Groom Service

Portobello Paws is keen to encourage puppies to enjoy the experience of grooming as it will become a regular part of their lives.

Our puppy groom is available for puppies from 3-6 months and after they’ve had their full vaccination programme. We aim to make it as fun and stress free as possible so it becomes a happy experience for them.

Using gentle products suitable to the puppies needs we include a health check, a bath, brush through, a gentle blow dry if needed, ears and eyes cleaned, and a nail clip and paw tidy if required.

Prices start from £25.00.


Ruth who runs Portobello Paws is truly one in a million. Our mischievious Frenchie was bounced around different day-cares but Ruth offered to take him in. She was so encouraging, kind and patient with him he is now a completely different dog in the park (most of the time). I trust her whole heartedly and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Portobello Paws grooming is also fantastic. Our Frenchie has skin allergies but Ruth only uses lovely organic products that don’t irritate his skin and always gives him such a thorough clean… very grateful as he’s taken to rolling in everything in the park!
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